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Reputation Point on Reply on Question in community In Salesforce?

Posted on Oct 07, 2015
by Prabhat Gangwar
in Education
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Requirement: When any community user  Reply on question then increase  Reputation Point  of that Community User how ?

Solution: Using Helper ClassCode: 

Trigger :

trigger IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserForReply on Reply (after insert) {


   IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserReplyHelper.IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserReplyExecute( ,trigger.isafter ,trigger.isinsert);  


Helper Class: 
public class IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserReplyHelper{
    public static void IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserReplyExecute(list<Reply> triggernew, boolean isafter, boolean isinsert){    
        public static void IncreasePointsOfCommunityUserReplyMethod(list<Reply> triggernew, boolean isafter, boolean isinsert){
            set<id>ReplyUserid = new set<id>();  // hold id of communityReplyUser
            list<NetworkMember> updatelistofPoint = new list<NetworkMember>(); // updatelistofPoint of cummunity user
                    for(Reply  answerReply : triggernew){
                            if(answerReply.Body != null ){
            for(NetworkMember userpoint : [SELECT MemberId,ReputationPoints FROM NetworkMember where MemberId in : ReplyUserid]){
                    userpoint.ReputationPoints = userpoint.ReputationPoints+2; 
                update updatelistofPoint;



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